Friday, March 14, 2014

Make Your Mark!

I'm taking an amazing online class with the wonderful Robin Mead!
I love her art and she is a lovely person.
This is her first online course and there is so much content.
I'm loving it, and  highly recommend it to beginners and beyond.
It is a good way to learn about drawing, line, and color for $20.

You can work at your own pace and keep the videos indefinitely.  The class is ongoing, you can register anytime here:  Make Your Mark Course

This is my second exercise for Lesson 1. I have never worked with Sharpies before, so it was a fun challenge:

Want to join me  in this adventure?


  1. Thank You so much..your design is great..Im glad you like learning about this is always a great base for anything you will ever do...Enjoy..Have fun...and Create.!!

    1. Thanks Robin, I hope my friends join in this wonderful course.

  2. Oh let me know when you get your art..I sent a little late...:)